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Let NZ Into “Eurovusion”: NZ’s First Unofficial Eurovision Entry

As Eurovision fever starts to sweep across the globe, one country has been left out in the cold: New Zealand. But why should the land of the long white cloud be denied the opportunity to join Europe’s biggest singing competition? Australia gets to join in on the fun: why not us?

Well, you have to be the change you want to see in the world and comedy pair/semi-serious pop duo TWO HEARTS have released their latest song “Eurovusion (Open Up)” that sets out our case quite well.

Created in collaboration with iconic Kiwi brewing company Yeastie Boys, the song launches alongside a very important petition that you must sign right now.

In 2021, the European Broadcasting Union, who owns and operates the song contest, said there were “no plans” to invite New Zealand to join the contest but Two Hearts is not taking no for an answer.

And the internet seems to be against the EBU on this one:

Frankly bloody unfair that a mere accident of continental drift prevents Two Hearts from dominating the greatest musical stage of them all

This is better than several of this year’s actual entries

We’ll be waiting for the invite to next year’s show.

Eurovision (Open Up) by Two Hearts
Additional production: Parachute Music
Music video directed by: Two Hearts
Music video creative: Atomic London
Music video art direction: Chris Stratton
Music video DOP: Paul Mockridge
Music video Hair & Make-Up: Darren Meredith
Music video Dancers: Rebekkah Schoonbeek-Berridge & Danielle Timbers
Acknowledgements: Brynley Stent, Joel Rindelaub, Sacha Teuila, Sammy Salsa

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