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Spoiler Alert! Watch Eurovision 2023 Delayed Without Having It Ruined

We get it.

Getting up at 7:00 AM on a Sunday is a pretty daunting proposal, even if it is for your favourite international song contest. (Just be thankful you’re not across the ditch: 5:00 AM sounds truly terrible!)

Keeping your sleep schedule in check while also avoiding spoilers as you scramble to not be the last person on Earth to find out who won is, at best, a difficult proposal. Even searching the word Eurovision after 11:00 AM is risky business.

But, fear not! Your friends at Eurovision NZ have you covered. We’ve setup a special little area of our website where you can watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in a spoiler-free way. We won’t show you any other Eurovision content on that page to keep your viewing experience as tense and stressful as it was for those who caught the show live.

So, bookmark that page or remember the URL and go straight there when you’re ready to watch. If you go to our home page or to Google or to YouTube or the official Eurovision website, then, we can’t help you. You gotta meet us halfway. Just remember the link.

Whatever you do, don’t go on Twitter.

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