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Wrap Up: Day 2 of Rehearsal for Eurovision 2021

The remaining nine contestants of the first Semi-Final of Eurovision 2021 had their first rehearsals today, after the other seven rehearsed yesterday. We were ready and watching in the Online Press Centre!

Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou โ€“ El Diablo

There’s a lot of red in this oneโ€”that’s hell. It’s not hell, it’s heaven, but it’s actually hell. Elena stands in the middle in white (well, silver), presumably as the angel.

Everything about this was final ready. Elena sounded better (!) than the studio track and the choreography was tight. The staging is bright and expansive, but isn’t over the top. On the second run-through, the flames were out en force. It sealed the deal. Absolutely qualifying.

Norway: TIX โ€“ Fallen Angel

TIX is wearing the same wings he wore during his national final. They might be ever so slightly bigger. Lights shine down on TIX from above, as if light streaming down from the ceiling. The performance is restrained, but the song carries it. My favourite part is the chains.

Croatia: Albina โ€“ Tick-Tock

The silver sparkling trend continues with Croatia, as does blue/purple/pink lighting. At one point, many Albina’s appear on the LED screen behind her. Albina’s vocals leave something to be desired, but it’s early!

Belgium: Hooverphonic โ€“ The Wrong Place

Hooverphonic dazzled with a starkly different performance from their predecessors: it was dark, moody and mysterious. Perfectly matched to the song. The standout was Geike’s vocals:

This is a real standout.

Israel: Eden Alene – Set Me Free

One word. I mean, two words. Whistle note. We’re making Eurovision history here: this might be the highest note ever sung at a Eurovision Song Contest. There’s a lot of neon, and the last moments of the song are very hectic with a dramatic reveal.

Romania: Roxen – Amnesia

If you’ve seen the music video, you’ve seen the live performance. Silhouettes attempting to break free, etc. Her vocals are good, but things got a bit lost during the performance. I can’t decide if this good or bad: it weirdly matches the whole vibe of the song.

Azerbaijan: Efendi – Mata Hari

This song just missed out on inclusion in our Top 10 so we were excited to see this first rehearsal.

Ukraine: Go_A – SHUM

Malta: Destiny – Je me casse

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