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Wrap Up: Day 1 of Rehearsal for Eurovision 2021

Give us a second: we are catching our breath.

Okay, the first day of live rehearsals just took place at the Rotterdam Ahoy! After nearly two years, a Eurovision stage is active and live and pumping! We were watching closely in the Online Press Centre: here is our wrap-up of Day 1!


If you are into optical illusions, checkerboards, the colour yellow, and high-energy: The Roop have the performance for you. It’s their national final performance dialled up to the power of ten. The choreography is well-rehearsed without being stiff: it’s still eccentric and wild and wonderful. Purple light beams through the performance, and who doesn’t like purple? Near the end of the performance, Vaidotas appears to grab the camera and take the viewer on an up-close and personal party. Yes, yes, yes.


Okay. Y’all. Ana put tears in the eye. Many, many tears. It’s so early in the piece to be moved like this. That’s all we have to say.


This was really stunning. Manizha takes the stage in a massive, rigid dress—a commanding sight—which is then taken to new levels when she appears to float across the stage like a bumper car or air hockey puck. This is a clear homage to the Beryozka dance troupe, and reinforces the song’s message. Obsessed.


This is an upgraded version of the Tusse‘s Melodifestivalen performance. It’s classic Sweden, but feels less overbearing than previous years. Tusse is wearing the beautiful red outfit that shimmers stunningly, matching the starry performance and backdrop. There’s a wonderful moment where a large group of people appear to join him on stage: it looked like the LED screen to us, but others suggest it was actually holograms (!). Tusse also sounded incredible. This performance is final ready.


We didn’t see a “rehearsal” per-se, given Australia’s use of a live on tape performance. From what we did see, which wasn’t a lot, it looks like Montaigne‘s Technicolour title will feature strongly, with what could be a costume change?! Very cool, if so.

North Macedonia

Have you felt so full of life that your just explode into a burst of light? Vasil clearly has because that’s what he did on stage. The performance starts in darkness, gradually getting lighter and brighter, before Vasil literally transforms into a disco ball of shimmery goodness. His voice is also stratospheric and the whole rehearsal has given new life to Here I Stand. This semi-final is getting toooough.


Lesley Roy has arrived with the most interesting and complex staging that we’ve seen so far. She moves through an interactive book of different scenes: think paper trees, line art, and ocean waves. It was a wonderful and ambitious first rehearsal, with a clear pathway towards a refined and complete product. Lesley looked like a star on-stage, so that’s already achievement unlocked.

We have no idea who took out this first day of rehearsals, but also, who cares? Everyone was superb. Are we are feeling more charitable because it’s just Day One or because we haven’t seen a Eurovision performance in many, many months? It’s probably both. Either way, this semi-final is going to be hectic.

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