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The Full NZ Jury Ranking for Eurovision 2021

Ahead of the Grand Final, we revealed our jury’s favourite acts from the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. If you missed it, check it first below.

While the Top 10 is nice, it’s perhaps even more fun to see which songs we collectively put at the…other end of the list.

Here’s the full ranking of the NZ jury: the individual rankings are anonymised.

RankCountryArtistSongJuror AJuror BJuror CJuror D
1SwitzerlandGjon’s TearsTout l’Univers7327
2ItalyMåneskinZitti e buoni121312
3San MarinoSenhitAdrenalina24421
4FranceBarbara PraviVoilà11089
5CyprusElena TsagrinouEl diablo35615
6RussiaManizhaRussian Woman142351
7BulgariaVictoriaGrowing Up Is Getting Old522011
8NetherlandsJeangu MacrooyBirth of a New Age106153
9SpainBlas CantóVoy a quedarme261198
10UkraineGo_AShum (Шум)139312
11MaltaDestinyJe me casse614144
12BelgiumHooverphonicThe Wrong Place87920
13SerbiaHurricaneLoco Loco4221023
14IcelandDaði og Gagnamagnið10 Years1919125
15NorwayTixFallen Angel188722
16FinlandBlind ChannelDark Side9111114
17LithuaniaThe RoopDiscoteque1526176
18AlbaniaAnxhela PeristeriKarma21151313
19PortugalThe Black MambaLove Is on My Side24211610
20AzerbaijanEfendiMata Hari11162124
22GreeceStefaniaLast Dance20172216
23United KingdomJames NewmanEmbers17202519
24MoldovaNatalia GordienkoSugar25182617
25GermanyJendrikI Don’t Feel Hate23251825
26IsraelEden AleneSet Me Free22242326

Sorry to Eden.

How we found the jury results

Just like a real Eurovision jury, our jurors were asked to rank the Grand Finalists from favourite to least favourite, focusing on the performer’s vocal capacity, the onstage performance, the composition and originality of the song, and their overall impression of the act.

The jury members ranked first their favourite song, second, their second favourite song, third, their third favourite song, and so on until their least favourite song, which was ranked last. Every juror ranked every song.

From there, we applied an exponential weight model to each juror’s rankings. This is the same process that the EBU follows with the real juries. 

Rather than giving each rank given by a juror the same weight, the EBU allocates predefined ‘score values’ to each ranking position, intentionally increasing the value of the top-10 ranks: the top-3 in particular. These score values start with the value of 12 for the first rank and will decrease exponentially further down the ranking list. The sum of the scores for all 26 songs from the five jurors creates the national jury result where the resulting top 10 ranked countries will be awarded that jury’s 12, 10, 8 points and so on.

Nobody knows what the EBU’s ‘score values’ are, but others have guessed and have come very close, so we’re using our best guess, too. We checked our guess against the real juries rankings and they match, so this is a faithful model.

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