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Photo: Clever ° Franke

This Is The New Logo of Eurovision 2021

With a new Eurovision edition comes a new logo design. In 2021, the Dutch Core Team has chosen to look ahead and emphasise connection and togetherness.

The logo for the canceled 2020 edition presented a data-driven visualisation based on the flags of all participating countries and told the story of the Eurovision Song Contest’s 65 year history. The new design is inspired by the world map with Rotterdam as the beating heart of Europe in May 2021. “The logo connects Rotterdam with the capitals of the participating countries and symbolises coming together, regardless of the form,” says Sietse Bakker, the Executive Producer of the event.

Photo: Clever ° Franke

Like last year, the logo and concept was developed by agency Clever ° Franke, which generated the logo using software developed in-house. The design of the 2020 edition was awarded a European Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award. Co-founder Gert Franke said they “extended the style from last year to 2021” and retained the “simple, intelligent, minimalist and experimental” elements but then added a “festive touch, to celebrate the return of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

The introduction of a renewed logo also signals that it’s time to leave 2020 behind us and to start looking towards 2021 with a positive view: “Thanks to developments regarding vaccines and reliable rapid tests, we are now cautiously optimistic about what can be done responsibly in May,” said Sietse. “And all of Europe is now watching us. With creativity and decisiveness, inspired by that typical Rotterdam resilience, we are going to make something very special out of it, I am convinced of that!”

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place in Ahoy, Rotterdam in The Netherlands on 19, 21 and 23 May 2021. Eurofans in New Zealand can watch all three shows live on the official Eurovision YouTube channel, without commentary.

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