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Photo: Panini S.P.A.

San Marino’s Senhit Spins Sublime Sorts of Eurovision Songs

San Marino’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Senhit, has launched a new project. In the ‘Freaky Trip To Rotterdam’ Senhit will cover Eurovision songs and give it a freaky touch.

The project will start on 15 July and will set the mood for Senhit’s road to Rotterdam. With the artistic direction of Luca Tommassini the renditions of the songs will be ‘surprising, shocking or in one word… FREAKY!’.

The connection to the word ‘Freaky’ comes from Senhit’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The Italian-Eritrean singer represented San Marino once before, in Düsseldorf in 2011. After the cancellation of the event in 2020, Senhit made people dance with her #freakydance, which was also created by Luca Tommassini.

For the upcoming months, Senhit has chosen a series of songs from the history of the Eurovision Song Contest to cover. Each month, a different song will be reinterpreted by her and with the artistic direction of Luca the idea is that every video will not be just a clip, but a true work of art. Senhit will perform every song with a different style and look, wrapped in a refined and unique scenography. The first song will be Cheesecake which was performed by Teo from Belarus in 2014.

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