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Here They Are: The Last 10 Qualifiers for Eurovision 2019

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It was a massive semi-final, full of fireworks, mind-reading and endless amounts of promo for Madonna and KAN, but at the end of it all we have our ten qualifiers for Sunday’s grand final. They are:

  • North Macedonia – Tamara Todevska with “Proud”
  • Netherlands – Duncan Laurence with “Arcade”
  • Albania – Jonida Maliqi with “Ktheju tokës”
  • Sweden – John Lundvik with “Too Late For Love”
  • Russia – Sergey Lazarev with “Scream”
  • Azerbaijan – Chingiz with “Truth”
  • Denmark – Leonora with “Love is Forever”
  • Norway – KEiiNO with “Spirit in the Sky”
  • Switzerland – Luca Hannï with “She Got Me”
  • Malta – Michela with “Chameleon”

Leaving us at the semi-final are:

  • Armenia – Srbuk with “Walking Out”
  • Ireland – Sarah McTernan with “22”
  • Moldova – Anna Odobescu with “Stay”
  • Latvia – Carousel with “That Night”
  • Romania – Ester Peony with “On A Sunday”
  • Austria – Paenda with “Limits”
  • Croatia – Roko with “The Dream”
  • Lithuania – Jurij Veklenko with “Run with the Lions”

We’ll find out the all-important running order for Sunday’s grand final show on Saturday.

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