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This Is How We Voted In The First Semi-Final

Our (un)official New Zealand jury of Eurovision fans voted after the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The results were…

Estonia, Albania and Israel were our clear favourites in this semi-final. Compared to the actual rankings of the combined jury and televote in the first semi-final, our only alignment in the top 3 was Israel (1). Albania was also more strongly favoured by our jury (3) than by the real juries and voting public (8).

At the other end of the table, we agreed with the rest of Europe on last place (Iceland) and slightly on Belarus, though we seemed to like ALEKSEEV’s performance a little less than the real results.

The biggest difference in perspective between us and the real vote is the Czech Republic who we ranked at 12, while Europe adored Mikolas Josef, placing him at 3.

Full jury ranking breakdown

This is the full ranking of each entry by juror following the semi-final broadcast. The jury members may be found below the breakdown. 

Jury Member A: Brittany
Jury Member B: Logan
Jury Member C: Paul
Jury Member D: Kylie
Jury Member E: Robyn
Jury Member F: Cadin
Jury Member G: John
Jury Member H: Josh

For a reintroduction to our jury, check out our announcement post.

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