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Is Eurovision Where Fun Goes To Die?

This Tweet came across my timeline a few hours ago:

Besides this being the best thing to happen all week (except maybe the 11 minutes during which President Trump was suspended from Twitter), it got me to thinking: is Eurovision a fun-free hellscape?

Bear with me. That Tweet sent me on a classic trip down Memory Lane as I relived the hyper-energetic and coruscating performances by Jedward in 2011 and 2012:

How fun, right? Of course, I don’t mean to say that there’s never been a “fun” Eurovision entry since Jedward. Even this year, there wed a few that could qualify as fun for fun’s sake, though not many:

The best thing about these performances is that they’re easy to enjoy, upbeat, friendly and don’t require you to have an existential crisis when it’s over. Isn’t that refreshing? Even Måns and Petra tried to point out that we’re all taking ourselves a bit too seriously at Eurovision.

But, these entries never win. It’s always – always – a song about falling in love, falling out of love, finding yourself, war and/or peace. Blah. Just think back to the recent winners:

Why must I be depressed, enraged, empowered and transformed inside when I watch a Eurovision smash? I just want to jump around, do somersaults and have someone yell “awesome! woo!” in a sequinned, Power Ranger jester costume? Is that too much to ask!?

Please, Ireland. Send Jedward next year. Justice would be served watching Sobral hand over the Eurovision trophy to those two. One can dream…

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