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Who will we send to Eurovision Asia?

With Eurovision Asia somewhere on the horizon and our national broadcaster confirming their interest in participating, the question turns to who will we send to represent us?

New Zealand is in no shortage of talented artists to send to a Eurovision stage. In fact, this was just meant to take one post but there are so many remarkable artists to choose from, we will have to write many more. So, as we journey on the road to Eurovision Asia, we will take time to look at who is making waves in the New Zealand music scene and could, when the Contest rolls around, represent us on the Eurovision stage.

In no particular order, let’s take a look at who might make the cut…

Chelsea Jade

Already having generated a considerable buzz in New Zealand and now making waves in New York City and Japan, if you haven’t heard of Chelsea Jade before – believe me – you won’t forget her name now. With a sound that seems familiar but is distinctly her own, Chelsea would be a clear stand-out favourite with universal appeal on a Eurovision Asia stage.

Indira Moala

Indira, NZ Idol 2006 runner-up, has – without a shadow of doubt – one of the most beautiful and touching voices you may ever hear. Now a journalist with Radio NZ, her presence as New Zealand’s first-ever representative to the Eurovision Asia Song Contest would certainly make an impact. Douze points.

Aldous Harding

She describes herself as a “gothic folk” singer. Watch, and be the judge of what you think she means by that. You simply cannot ignore her  remarkable voice that oozes Edith Piaf vibrato realness and captivates you from her first breath to the last. Needless to say, Aldous should show you just how rich the New Zealand music scene is.


Theia has a sound that radio loves and if that doesn’t bode well for a potential Eurovision Asia entry, what does? She is, as of a few days ago, beginning to crack into the Asia market and by the time Eurovision Asia rolls around, she may have found herself a passionate fanbase that want to give her the first EA Grand Prix.

Have you got someone in mind to send to Eurovision Asia? Tweet us and we might include them in our next list!

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