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Welcome to Eurovision New Zealand!

A wise someone once said “as one journey ends, another begins”. The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest may be over, but for us here at Eurovision New Zealand, we’re just getting started!

Welcome to first ever community for Eurovision fans in New Zealand! We’re Building Bridges to legions of fans around the world to Come Together and Celebrate Diversity with a shared appreciation for the world’s biggest music show.

#JoinUs as we bring you the latest Eurovision news and music all year-round, with a distinct Kiwi flavour. But, this won’t be like your typical Eurovision fan blog, no no no. We have no favourites – not even the UK or Australia – no political interests and no delegation to which we are required to pretend we love and adore, even if they’re terrible. This means we can be as impartial (that means harsh) as we like. We’re gonna call it like we see it. If your song’s shit, we’ll tell ya.

Enough talking a big game. Let’s get back to the show!

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